Exclusive Opportunity to Work Privately With Jackie

For many of you, my group programs are perfect a way to move forward and step into the visibility and credibility your message or business needs to skyrocket to the next level.

But, for a select few, you want something more.

You want to work with me privately, to spend the day with me and have me focus 100% of my attention on you, your message and your business.
Maybe because you’re not comfortable sharing in a group or you want to move faster than a group can go (although my groups move pretty fast) or maybe this is how you prefer to partner with your mentors and coaches.

Regardless of the reason, if you are a fit, I would be delighted to work with you!
Here’s what our clients have to say!
Who would be best served by a VIP Day? 
VIP Days are perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits who are ready to:
  • Play bigger and BE SEEN
  • Stop being the best-kept secret and get featured globally
  • Create a powerful media outreach plan to get more publicity
  • Get out of overwhelm because they’re trying to do everything and anything for exposure and laser-focus their efforts
  • Get crystal clear on what media outlets they should reach out to and create the structure and a plan for success
  • Make sure the publicity they get doesn't go to waste
  • Stop feeling creativity blocked or second guessing themselves because they don’t want to get it “wrong”
  • Build a successful, profitable business around their loads of awesome ideas for online courses, products, retreats and events
  • Create an effective publicity and marketing strategy for the year ahead
  • FAST TRACK their publicity efforts within the next few months
  • Serious about making changes and are looking for a mentor to help them
How a VIP Day Works
First of all, this is a completely customizable experience. That means I personally design the day depending on what your needs and goals are.

Some examples of previous VIP days include:
  • Creating a customized list of media contacts just for you. Now you’ll know precisely who to reach out to without any additional research on your part. I give you a list of the top 20 or so producers, reporters and editors based off of where you want to be featured!
  • Crafting your signature pitch. You and I will work together to create the perfect pitch to send to your customized list of media contacts. In addition, I’ll also walk you through some best strategies for getting the media’s attention. 
  • Developing your talking points so when you get responses from the media (and you will), you know exactly what to say and how to say it, so that you can truly capitalize on all that great publicity! 
  • Packaging your offers and creating signature packages so that they gain traction in the marketplace
  • Working on your funnels, business plan or media monetization strategies
  • Mapping out your publicity launch strategy that gives you a ton of momentum (this is especially great for those who want media attention for their next book or event or need help with other types of publicity like FB Lives or email marketing. It feels a whole lot better when you let me map it out for you.)
  • Putting together a publicity calendar so you know the exact times of the year that would be great for you to be featured! And trust me, when your publicity calendar is strong, you can get featured multiple times a month plus be asked to be a regular contributing guest.
  • Prepping and preparing for a presentation or an appearance that so you communicate effectively 
  • Walking you through how to show up powerfully so you can create the next level of results you want 
My VIP Days are all virtual, we do them on Zoom with both of us on video, which means we can do them from anywhere around the world. 
They include:
  • A 45-min 'pre-work' Zoom session before your VIP day
  • A full five hour intensive or two half 2.5 hour sessions
  • 30-days of support after the VIP day to hold you accountable, help you navigate media requests or answer questions that come up as you implement our strategies.  Not to mention, we celebrate your wins!!!
There is no time for fluff in my VIP days! They are power packed intensives and you walk away with tangible strategies and tools that you can implement right away.
PLEASE NOTE: I only do a limited number of VIP days each year and they often book up months in advance. 
Give yourself the gift of dedicated time-out from your day-to-day business operations to totally focus on your publicity can create powerful shifts in every other area of your business, your mindset, and of course your life!

VIP Sessions are NOT for everyone and are designed for those who are ready to invest in themselves and are serious about taking action and getting results fast. 

If that’s you, then let’s talk! VIP Days are application only. Start by filling out this application and discussing it with us further. There’s no obligation and we can see if it’s a good fit for you.
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