If you’re ready to reap the benefits of a successful, profitable, growing business because you now have the ability to get on TV anytime you want, this is for you.
I’ve often said the fastest way to get your message out to the masses and rock your visibility, credibility and income is to get yourself on TV.
But that’s not even the best part. 
The best part is how easy it will become for you to fill your programs with perfect, happy clients, customers and buyers.

Ask any billionaire out there and they'll tell you that more visibility equals more influence which equals more impact.

Because you’re on TV, your clients will be that much more eager to work with you. It will be easier to enroll them into your high-level offerings. 
Imagine fewer long, painful sales calls and more high-paying clients. How much better can it get?

That reality can be yours when you master the skill of getting on TV anytime you want!

This program is designed for the entrepreneur, small business owner and non-profit executive who has already been featured but can’t figure out how to leverage it or turn it into a recurring thing.
(Note, if you haven’t yet been featured on TV, a better place to start would be my On TV in 30 Days program)

Who Would Be Best Served in On TV Anytime?
On TV Anytime is perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits who are ready to:
  • Build their influence without spending hours each day posting on Facebook or fretting about how many followers they have on Instagram. Instead, they focus their time on getting booked on TV and using the TV’s influence to build their visibility and credibility.
  • Laser focus their marketing on what gives them the biggest ROI for their time and money.
  • Grow their influence and fame quickly using the power of the media
  • Move beyond a “one off” media appearance and master the skill of becoming a regular contributor.
  • Create a system to generate consistent profits from leveraging each media appearance
  • Build an inhouse PR asset so they not only save money but can move quickly to maximize their PR efforts anytime they have something they want featured in the media. 

How does On TV Anytime You Want work?

It’s a 6-month small group intensive where you and I will work closely together to create your signature media booking process and correctly structure your in-house PR resources so you start to become a regular contributor and sought after media personality.
It includes:
  • Five Implementation Masterminds led by Jackie Kotei personally so you can receive personal feedback on your specific questions and pitches.
  • Two days in a TV studio for hands-on work to help you confidently master the three local and national media styles as well as help you crystallize how to communicate your message in a way that makes sense, establishes trust and authority, and create compelling media resources that get you booked faster!
  • Around the Clock Support via the ON TV Facebook group
  • Exclusive access to over 300,000 producers, radio hosts, editors and TV reporters plus your very own customized media list of TV Producers & Journalists tailored to your niche/industry and location
  • An all-star support team of videographers, photographers, publicists, copywriters and marketing tech specialists
  • Meet & Greet Opportunities with News Reporters, Producers & Editors
  • Our Influencer Secrets to Leveraging Your Media Interview for More Book Sales, Clients, Donations and Speaking Engagements
  • On TV Anytime isn’t for everyone. I designed it for those who are really for those who are ready to invest in themselves and are serious about taking action and getting results fast.
If that’s you, then let’s talk! 
Joining is by application only. Start by booking a complimentary Publicity & Business Momentum Session. There’s no obligation and we can see if it’s a good fit for you.
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